Maštíŋčathawote su

Lettuce. It’s native to Egypt and has long been cultivated in Eurasia. It’s a relatively recent arrival over here. It’s called “maštíŋčathawote” in Lakota. Literally, rabbit food. I got a few baby lettuce plants at the Free Farm Stand in San Francisco a few years ago. I have been growing their descendants ever since. Sú.Continue reading “Maštíŋčathawote su”


This plant goes by many names: čhaŋšáša among the Lakota people where I live, kinnikinnick among the Anishinaabe to the east, Cornus stolonifera in Botanical Latin, and Red Osier Dogwood, Red Willow, and Kinnikinnick Willow in English. The outer bark is an unmistakable, deep red color. The Lakota name refers to its color, šá (red).Continue reading “Čhaŋšáša.”