Trying to Eradicate Creeping Jenny

The Late-June battles continue with one of the most persistent weeds in our territory.

Creeping Jenny may look cute and innocuous from the first few leaves that appear above ground, and I’ve even heard of people using it as an ornamental plant for this reason. But underneath the surface, those few little leaves are supported by a surprisingly robust root structure:

If you just pull up the leaves you can see above ground, you will do battle with Creeping Jenny daily. At another garden I planted (not here), I didn’t thoroughly eradicate it or place some kind of hardware cloth barrier to prevent it from invading my garden plot, and I planted my food plants in soil that had a few Creeping Jenny rhizomes lurking underneath. By the time they started poking their heads up, my plants were just getting established, and I didn’t want to dig up my whole garden in order to chase the Creeping Jenny roots, which grow in unpredictable directions. The result was that I spent the whole growing season ripping up the above-ground leaves daily, so they wouldn’t compete with my plants for sunlight.

The pile below is the result of about an hour’s work of pulling Creeping Jenny out of rocky soil. I didn’t come close to getting it all — and now that I have tilled up the soil for it, I’m sure that Creeping Jenny will be thrilled to return and grow in this spot again! So I guess the primary benefits for me doing this were the botany lesson, photo op, and getting some cardio in.

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