Ten Foot Tall Sunflowers in South Dakota

You can’t tell, but my friend’s two-story house is hidden behind this forest of sunflowers. Sunflower varieties cross quite easily. While the type she grows are not a species with a particular name, they are likely a cross between our local indigenous sunflowers and some cultivated varieties. The seeds are too small to be worthContinue reading “Ten Foot Tall Sunflowers in South Dakota”

Yucca seed pods.

When you’re out walking on the prairies in late spring, the delicate white curls of Yucca flowers stick out, standing up in the prairie landscape, raised on masts from clusters of spiky leaves. These flowers are a delicious vegetable snack, slightly sweet and tasting slightly like raw broccoli. (I’ll have to get a picture ofContinue reading “Yucca seed pods.”

Midsummer Corn

Some of my Mandan Bride corn in early July. (If you’re unfamiliar with Mandan Bride corn, this link will take you to another grower’s account of it.) Corn flowers are up and fertilizing the ears, maybe ~45 days after planting: and here is one of the first ears developing!