Anishinaabe-style Čheyáka in Cree territory

Anishinaabe-style Čheyáka in Cree territory…what? This tri-national title sounds confusing: two indigenous nations, and a plant name from a third. Let me explain. Čheyáka? I always think of čheyáka as its Lakota name. I have to think a little longer to remember its scientific name…Mentha arvensis. And even longer to recall its common English name.Continue reading “Anishinaabe-style Čheyáka in Cree territory”

North Dakota Nopales

La Enchilada is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Bismarck. I was surprised when the family that owns it told me that their nopales (prickly pear cactus, an Indigenous Mexican staple food) on the menu was fresh, not canned. Fresh nopales in North Dakota? But it turns out they had a plant out back: While theseContinue reading “North Dakota Nopales”

Ziŋtkála wahóȟpi waŋ: Seen while chokecherry picking

I almost stepped on this bird that was sitting on a nest on the ground! You can learn from my mistake and avoid scaring the local wildlife by making sure you are always aware of your surroundings when you step out onto the prairie. I was picking chokecherries on a high hill, when all ofContinue reading “Ziŋtkála wahóȟpi waŋ: Seen while chokecherry picking”