Nettle and Milkweed Cordage

Cordage/yarn created out of nettle stems and milkweed stems last summer. These are the work of Jana, the incredibly talented artist, spinner, and weaver behind Ffeltabertawe. (I will add a link if I can find one.) She came to the reservation during the #NoDAPL  pipeline resistance movement, and stayed to do some amazing things with our local plants.

The leaves of the nettle, and the seed pod for the milkweed, are included for identification purposes; the stems of the plants are what becomes the cordage.

Nettle yarn:

Nettle and milkweed yarns:
These beautiful works of fiber art are obviously the work of an expert. When I have tried this myself, the results are much rougher-looking, not as durable, and not very soft. I admire her skill level, so I am showcasing her work. I’ll show my own pathetic attempts in another post.

Making cordage is a fun and relaxing activity that people of all ages can learn, and there are many plants in our area that make good cordage. That’s a great winter project (waníyetu wóečhuŋ), so more about that in another season!

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