Wagmú waȟčá waŋ

Looking back, posting a pic from September: A late-season squash blossom.

I had bought some Mexico-grown kabocha squash in early spring and thrown the seeds out onto the compost pile. A few of them grew into squash vines, but the compost pile doesn’t get great sun, so I transplanted them into the garden.

Here is a flower, with a bee pollinating it:

And with no bee:
While a flower so late in the season will not have time to grow into a full squash before the first frost, I did enjoy some still-green, disc-shaped fruits that were slightly smaller than a basketball by the end of the season. I chopped these up to use like summer squash (ie, similar to zucchini) and freeze for the winter.

Another alternative, for late-season squash blossoms, is to dip them in a cornmeal batter or stuff them and then fry them. I didn’t get around to that this year, but I will take some pictures the next time I do!

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