Pšíŋ Šičámna — Wild Onion harvest

April and May are wild onion season on Standing Rock! These native onions may be strong, but they are powerful! Hence their Lakota name — Psiŋ = onion; šičámna = stink/strong (bad) smell. They are one of the early spring plants that come up, abs are recognizable by their stems that are a bit thicker and more rubbery than a blade of grass.

If you dig them up, they have a delicate brown netting the surrounds a small bulb:

If you peel aware the netting, there is a small white, extremely strong pearl onion underneath.

I’ve been told that they are traditionally eaten cooked in soups, but I’ve only eaten them raw — so far, ever time I’ve gotten them, I’ve given away my whole harvest to other people. But if their raw taste is anything to go on, it probably wouldn’t take too many of these to flavor a whole pot of soup. And if I ever realize my dream of making a fire cider with 100% Standing Rock local ingredients, this plant will be at the top of my list.

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