Pšíŋ — domestic onions grown from seed

Some shots from the day I transplanted my onions grown from seed out into the garden.

These are onion varieties developed by agricultural scientist Frank Kutka, specifically to meet the needs of the North Dakota climate and storage needs. He calls them Noeth Dakota Red and Yellow Storage Onion, respectively.

Due to the onions’ long growing season, if you want to grow them from seed here, it’s necessary to start them indoors in February. Start them any later than that, and you’ll be harvesting golf ball sized onions in the fall (as I can attest from personal experience).

Many people don’t see the value in growing onions, since they can be obtained so cheaply from the store and require a lot of effort and time to grow at home. I can see both sides — and growing onions from seed has allowed me to get to know the plant and its growth cycle better, which I believe is valuable knowledge.

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