White Waštémna?!

Yesterday, I went out to harvest this plant that has so many names in Lakota and English — waȟpé waštémna, heȟáka tȟapȟéžuta, wild bergamot, beebalm, elk medicine, Monarda fistulosa. I was surprised to find, in addition to the many magenta flowerheads that were popping out of the hillside to announce their presence, a small numberContinue reading “White Waštémna?!”

Sand Cherry — Aúŋyeyapi / Tȟaȟpíyoǧiŋ

I spotted a rare Sandcherry bush on Standing Rock: Their scientific name as Prunus pumila, showing that they are a close relative to čhaŋpȟá (chokecherries) and kȟáŋta (wild plums). Some sources list it as Prunus besseyi, although that may refer to a western relative of this plant; you can find a little more on thatContinue reading “Sand Cherry — Aúŋyeyapi / Tȟaȟpíyoǧiŋ”

Wasžúšteča Wanáȟča: Strawberry Flower

When you see the first strawberry flowers of the year, you know the berries aren’t too far behind! This picture is from early spring. Wild Strawberries, Fragaria spp., wažúšteča, are one of my favorites. They are indigenous to boreal forests around the same latitude all over the northern hemisphere. In addition to indigenous North AmericanContinue reading “Wasžúšteča Wanáȟča: Strawberry Flower”