Fall Plant Walk: Burdock Seed Pod

These are seedpods from a waȟpé tȟáŋka  (Burdock, or Arcticum minus) plant that I encountered on a fall plant walk. This prickly seedpod is split open to reveal seeds for next year’s babies. Waȟpé tȟáŋka is not native to North America — it was brought here from Eurasia. But its roots and leaves are excellentContinue reading “Fall Plant Walk: Burdock Seed Pod”

Willow Fence/ Čhoȟwáŋžiča Čhúŋkaške

This was from my garden a few years ago. Soon after I planted my seeds, pawprints and bootprints emerged on my carefully-cultivated fresh soil. I knew my seeds had no hope of making it past the seedling stage unless I could find a way to protect them. I needed a fence that would keep theContinue reading “Willow Fence/ Čhoȟwáŋžiča Čhúŋkaške”

Winter Projects: Marigold Seed Saving

I’ve been growing my own marigolds from seed for many years now. They are quite easy to save seed from, once you know what you’re doing. Since fall is a chaotic season that leaves little time for non-time-sensitive projects, I tend to save my marigold seed-saving activities for the winter. Once a flower head driesContinue reading “Winter Projects: Marigold Seed Saving”