Corn Harvest in Porcupine, ND

This is a belated post. Last year the fall, I visited my friend Linda S.’s garden in Porcupine, ND, to help with the corn harvest.

She grows her own corn blend, selecting for what grows best on her land. I’m not sure what all the parents of this corn line are, but at least one of them is Mandan Bride. You can really see the Mandan Bride characteristics, including the striped kernels and the multicolor patterns, in this ear:

Her chickens enjoy running through the corn patch, dining on insects, fallen corncobs, and whatever else they can find.

We harvested the corn shown in the first picture for Loretta, a local elder who makes excellent wagmíza wasná with it.

As you can see, most of the corn plants are still green. So we were still a little bit early to be doing this. We had to carefully select for the ears that were ready to harvest.

After we got done shucking the corn, her two equine companions enjoyed the husks.

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