Herbal Resilience Guide & PDF

We are happy to share this Herbal Guide to Collective Protection and Healing During COVID-19 with you. This was developed for the Sitting Bull College community earlier this week by community members, herbalists, and herbalism students. This is our gift to the community. Please feel free to share it.

Linda Black Elk, one of the primary contributors to this guide, has reviewed and approved it. Wóphila tȟáŋka to everyone who contributed!

Also, if you plan to distribute or share our guide, please include this additional safety note from another herbalist who just reviewed our guide:

“St John’s Wort is a powerful anti-viral and it heavily interacts with a lot of medications, especially but not limited to some anti-depressants. Rue is a powerful abortifacient so people who may be pregnant or wanting to be should avoid it, and it can be toxic in higher doses when taken internally.”

Not every plant medicine is suitable for every person. Please use your discretion, and pay attention to any contraindications that may apply to you. This guide is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

Click this link to download the PDF of our guide: 

Herbal Resilience Guide

Now, below, here are the JPEGs for the guide. We hope this will help you and your communities to stay strong and resilient in the coming months.

The land has always been our pharmacy, and we encourage people to look into their locally available plant medicines. The guide we published focuses on indigenous plants from the Northern Great Plains. Other territories have other fantastic plant medicines. If you are not in the Dakotas, we encourage you to get to know the medicines that grow in your area. Offer tobacco to elders and knowledge-keepers to learn about plants, their traditional uses, and harvesting protocols.

As always, if you are harvesting wild plants, please do so sustainably and respectfully, and please follow the local protocols for harvesting in your area.

Taŋyáŋ úŋ wo, taŋyáŋ úŋ we — be well!

Herbal Resilience GuideHerbal Resilience Guide p2Herbal Resilience Guide p3

Herbal Resilience Guide p4Herbal Resilience Guide p5Herbal Resilience Guide p6Herbal Resilience Guide p7Herbal Resilience Guide p8Herbal Resilience Guide p9Herbal Resilience Guide p010

5 thoughts on “Herbal Resilience Guide & PDF

  1. Thank you so much for this. I am grateful for this gift and reminder to sit still and listen as a way to nourish our bodies and stay healthy.


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