Waȟnáȟnaheča – Wild cucumber

Waȟnáȟnaheča — wild cucumbers! Some years, you can hardly find one in the woods or on the prairies, and other years, they seem to be growing everywhere. Their leaf shape and vining habit resemble domesticated cucumbers (kuŋkúŋ, or Cucumis sativus), which are native to India, but they are not closely related. Here are some waȟnáȟnahečaContinue reading “Waȟnáȟnaheča – Wild cucumber”

Thíŋpsiŋla Sú: Prairie Turnip Seed

When I was harvesting Thíŋpsiŋla / Thíŋpsiŋna / Prairie turnip / Pediomelum esculentum last year, this adorable little seed fell out in my hand: It fell out of the fuzzy flowerhead, and resembles a very small bean. When people dig thíŋpsiŋla, we pay special attention to what we do with the green, non-edible part ofContinue reading “Thíŋpsiŋla Sú: Prairie Turnip Seed”