Napé Oílekiyapi Wíkȟaŋ — Dogbane Cordage

This is another one in my waníyetu wičhóȟ’aŋ (winter projects) series: making cordage out of dogbane harvested on the prairie outside of Fort Yates. This thin piece was the first one I ever made, a few years ago. Despite being kind of lumpy and uneven, it was surprisingly strong, and was the perfect thickness forContinue reading “Napé Oílekiyapi Wíkȟaŋ — Dogbane Cordage”

My Observations: Supporting COVID-19 Patients Herbally

I wanted to share some of my observations from supporting COVID-19 patients, and researching this disease and its effects. I will write a longer, more detailed post on this soon. In the meantime, here is what I have learned so far. The key phrase here is “so far” — not only is our understanding ofContinue reading “My Observations: Supporting COVID-19 Patients Herbally”

Anti-viral Herb List

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about antiviral herbs for COVID-19 prevention & support lately. This is a list of antiviral herbs that I have personally worked with, and feel comfortable suggesting to people. This is not an exhaustive list; there may be other great herbs available in your local area. Note: while it’s notContinue reading “Anti-viral Herb List”