Herbal Resilience Guide & PDF

We are happy to share this Herbal Guide to Collective Protection and Healing During COVID-19 with you. This was developed for the Sitting Bull College community earlier this week by community members, herbalists, and herbalism students. This is our gift to the community. Please feel free to share it. Linda Black Elk, one of theContinue reading “Herbal Resilience Guide & PDF”

Omníča Kačháŋ: Bean Winnowing

This is another waníyetu wičhóȟ’aŋ, or winter project. In a lot of ways, it’s pretty similar to corn winnowing (wagmíza kačháŋ). After harvesting the last of the dry beans for the season, I bring them inside to finish drying out. I usually put them in a basket. (You have to be careful where you placeContinue reading “Omníča Kačháŋ: Bean Winnowing”

Wáǧačhaŋ Wičháȟpi: Cottonwood Star

When I am introducing someone to the wáǧačhaŋ (cottonwood, or Populus deltoides) and its medicine for the first time, I love surprising them with the star. If you’re just using your hands to break the twigs you find on the ground, without a precise cutting tool, it might take a few attempts to find aContinue reading “Wáǧačhaŋ Wičháȟpi: Cottonwood Star”

Fall Plant Walk: Burdock Seed Pod

These are seedpods from a waȟpé tȟáŋka  (Burdock, or Arcticum minus) plant that I encountered on a fall plant walk. This prickly seedpod is split open to reveal seeds for next year’s babies. Waȟpé tȟáŋka is not native to North America — it was brought here from Eurasia. But its roots and leaves are excellentContinue reading “Fall Plant Walk: Burdock Seed Pod”

Harvesting ingredients for Nettle-Basil Pesto

Here are some of the ingredients I harvested in September for my ultra-local nettle-basil pesto. The nettles came from the grove in my backyard. The basil came from the garden in the front. The types of basil I used here are Opal Basil (Ocimum basilicum purpurascens) and Thai Basil (Ocimum Basilicum  var. thyrsiflora). Opal Basil, the darkContinue reading “Harvesting ingredients for Nettle-Basil Pesto”

Uŋskúyeča na úta: Burr oaks and acorns

Acorn (úta) season is finally here! Acorns have been one of my favorite foods since childhood. The acorns we have in this area, Uŋskúyeča, Burr Oak, or Quercus macrocarpa, are thought of as some of the best in North America, due to their more tannic acid content. I’m happy to report that I didn’t makeContinue reading “Uŋskúyeča na úta: Burr oaks and acorns”

Curlycup Gumweed

Pteíčhiyuȟa. Grindelia squarrosa. Curlycup Gumweed. This is one of the yellow flowers you’ll find growing by the side of the road this time of year — not just in the Dakotas, but across North America. This is the time of year to harvest it! If you look at the underside of the flower, you canContinue reading “Curlycup Gumweed”

Úma: Hazelnut Portrait

Hazelnut trees (Úmahu) don’t grow on Standing Rock. They thrive in wetter climates. I have seen this indigenous tree growing wild in Minnesota and Manitoba. The nuts are ready for harvest in the fall. They grow in clusters of four, forming a beautiful star shape. I just had to take a picture of this beautifulContinue reading “Úma: Hazelnut Portrait”

Herb Care Package Portrait

Just a quick still-life shot from earlier in the summer, of an herbal care package I was mailing to a friend who was sick. From left to right: Pȟežíȟota apé blaska, ziŋtkála tȟačháŋ, pȟežíȟota swúla, ȟaŋté, pȟežíȟota waštémna, čhaŋíčhaȟpe hú apé. (I’m not going to translate for this one, but if you’re interested and don’tContinue reading “Herb Care Package Portrait”