How I Prepared for the COVID-19 Vaccine

I have gotten several requests for info about how to prepare yourself for a COVID-19 vaccine — especially for the possibility of a minor negative reaction. This is a little off-topic from what I normally write about, but I have compiled a list of what I did, as well as the many great ideas thatContinue reading “How I Prepared for the COVID-19 Vaccine”

Indigenous Seed Acknowledgements, Present & Future

I just attended the virtual Slow Seed Summit, a project of Slow Food USA. (They’re a great organization doing important work, with a goal of “good, clean and fair food for all” — please check them out.) It was an excellent, educational event, highlighting the work of many seed stewards who are safeguarding one ofContinue reading “Indigenous Seed Acknowledgements, Present & Future”

More Winter Projects: Winnowing Teachings

This is another post in my waníyetu wičhóȟ’aŋ, or winter projects series. A few years back, at the Indigenous Farming Conference, Potawatomi knowledge keeper Kevin Finney taught me how to winnow corn. The conference takes place on White Earth reservation in late winter, when the snow is easily hip-high. Nobody else wanted to go outsideContinue reading “More Winter Projects: Winnowing Teachings”

Napé Oílekiyapi Wíkȟaŋ — Dogbane Cordage

This is another one in my waníyetu wičhóȟ’aŋ (winter projects) series: making cordage out of dogbane harvested on the prairie outside of Fort Yates. This thin piece was the first one I ever made, a few years ago. Despite being kind of lumpy and uneven, it was surprisingly strong, and was the perfect thickness forContinue reading “Napé Oílekiyapi Wíkȟaŋ — Dogbane Cordage”

My Observations: Supporting COVID-19 Patients Herbally

I wanted to share some of my observations from supporting COVID-19 patients, and researching this disease and its effects. I will write a longer, more detailed post on this soon. In the meantime, here is what I have learned so far. The key phrase here is “so far” — not only is our understanding ofContinue reading “My Observations: Supporting COVID-19 Patients Herbally”

Anti-viral Herb List

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about antiviral herbs for COVID-19 prevention & support lately. This is a list of antiviral herbs that I have personally worked with, and feel comfortable suggesting to people. This is not an exhaustive list; there may be other great herbs available in your local area. Note: while it’s notContinue reading “Anti-viral Herb List”

Psíŋ / Wild Rice

I grew up eating wild rice (Zizania palustris), and I have always loved the nutty, smoky flavor of fire-parched wild rice. (Personally, I believe that the rice from the area around White Earth in Minnesota tastes the best, but everybody has their preferences.) Psíŋ (Dakota word for “wild rice”) or (Manoomin, “the good berry” inContinue reading “Psíŋ / Wild Rice”

Uŋkčéla (Cactus) Roundup

These are a bunch of cacti photos I took with my mom in the Badlands and Black Hills a few summers ago, and a few from the prairies of Standing Rock (North Dakota side). There are apparently six species of cactus that are indigenous to South Dakota, and five in North Dakota. In Minnesota, thereContinue reading “Uŋkčéla (Cactus) Roundup”

Early Winter Plant Walk: Dried Buckbrush Berries

I see these when I’m out walking the prairies on snowless, early winter days — one of the few spots of color in a winter landscape. In the spring and summer, the plant’s leathery blue-green leaves, and delicate pinkish-white flowers are a different kind of beauty. This is one of the last summer flowers toContinue reading “Early Winter Plant Walk: Dried Buckbrush Berries”