Wild Grape Juice – Čhuŋwíyapehe Iyúwi Haŋpí

Wild grapes. Čhuŋwíyapehe iyúwi. Vitis riparia. I like wild grapes so much better than the domestic ones. They’re the perfect mix of tart and sweet, and there’s also the element of appreciating something you have to work for, since (at least on Standing Rock) harvesting wild grapes involves a trip into the woods, and usuallyContinue reading “Wild Grape Juice – Čhuŋwíyapehe Iyúwi Haŋpí”

2019 Indigenous Farming Conference Recap

The annual Great Lakes Indigenous Farming Conference, sponsored by the White Earth Land Recovery Project on the White Earth Reservation was a blast, again! Here is a recap of some of what I saw and did at the conference. The seed exchanges are always fantastic at these events (check out the fava bean seed artContinue reading “2019 Indigenous Farming Conference Recap”

Wókpaŋpi kiŋ ǧú: Toasting cornmeal

Winter projects, a continuation of the series: Toasting the wókpaŋpi (cornmeal) I ground from Standing-Rock-grown indigenous flour corn. This was one of many steps from field to table — I was in the process of making it into cornmeal wasná, a great traditional food. Cooking it over a medium flame on a cast iron panContinue reading “Wókpaŋpi kiŋ ǧú: Toasting cornmeal”

Čhaŋšáša Waȟpékȟalyapi

Today, I visited an Anishinaabe friend in White Earth territory (MN) who, awhile back, taught me about the use of the red outer bark of Čhaŋšáša (Cornus sericea, a.k.a. Red Osier Dogwood or red willow [sic]) as a tea for energy. According to my friend, they drink this tea during the labor-intensive sugarbush (maple syrup)Continue reading “Čhaŋšáša Waȟpékȟalyapi”

Winter Foods: Wagmú na Waȟčázi

Sitting on the table in the library at Sitting Bull College. Months after Tiffany Baker won the Halloween pumpkin carving contest with her design on this pumpkin, it’s in good shape, and still edible. No special preservation needed: it’s just sitting on the table. Of course, sunflower seeds last a really long time, too. SavingContinue reading “Winter Foods: Wagmú na Waȟčázi”

Winter food resources: Crabapple

Crabapple branch. Covered in frost, but still perfectly edible. Pic taken in Bismarck; there are more food resources than you might think (for people and animals) out there in the winter, even in cities. I have not researched this myself, but I heard from Prof. Linda Black Elk that certain kinds of crabapples are nativeContinue reading “Winter food resources: Crabapple”

Bringing Native Plants Indoors: Sedum Blooming on an Icy Morning

Does this North Dakota native plant know that it’s well below freezing outside? I don’t know… but it’s happily blooming cheerful pink flowers! This indigenous prairie succulent was a “weed” in my garden (a weed is just a plant in a place you don’t want it) that I put in a pot and brought inside.Continue reading “Bringing Native Plants Indoors: Sedum Blooming on an Icy Morning”