Baby Gooseberry Bush – Wičhágnaška hú

Here’s a baby gooseberry bush that I rescued from death by lawnmower, and replanted in a safer place. Isn’t it adorable? While Wičhágnaška hú (Ribes missouriense, or Missouri gooseberry bushes) are fairly common around here, they’re a pretty under-appreciated fruit. Most people can’t identify them by sight, and don’t think much about mowing them down.Continue reading “Baby Gooseberry Bush – Wičhágnaška hú”

Saving asparagus seeds, and starting baby asparagus plants

I may be suffering from a pathological compulsion to save and start seeds. Yes, I know it’ll be at least several years from the time of initially planting asparagus seeds, until a person can reasonably expect to harvest any. Yes, I’m a renter without a permanent home and permanent patch of soil where I canContinue reading “Saving asparagus seeds, and starting baby asparagus plants”

Uŋžíŋžiŋtka Hú

Fall and winter are  Uŋžíŋžiŋtka harvesting season! Starting in early fall, uŋžíŋžiŋtka kiŋ (rose hips) turn dark red, and start standing out from the green foliage all over the prairies. Uŋžíŋžiŋtka got its name, in part, from its habit of standing straight up on the prairies, so the red hips really pop out when theyContinue reading “Uŋžíŋžiŋtka Hú”